Sound & Lighting

Customer responsible for power distribution. Have bigger audio/video needs? Contact us for suggested vendors.

Public Address Sound System

With AC/DC power and wireless microphone for crowds of up to 5,000.

Each $200


Public Address System

Stand speakers with microphone. Adequate for 1000 person event.



Podium / Lectern Deluxe Model

With AC/DC power and wireless microphone.

Each $120


Podium with Mic Unit

Portable self-contained speaker unit. Includes standard and wireless lapel clip mic.



Cherry Finish Podium

No sound system, mic stand attached if needed.

Each $90


Perimeter Lighting

Installed on tent's interior perimeter.

LED Bistro lights 56' strings with 45 LED bulbs per string $70 each
50' String of LED 60w Caged Bulbs w/ Heavy Duty White Cord $60 per string
String "Market" lights. 7 Watt round bulbs every foot. $1.25 per Linear foot


Halogen Ring Lights

6- 75 watt halogen lights attached to each center pole; used to light larger pole tents.

Each $200


Center Pole Lights

LED 200 Watt programmable center pole lights $250 each


Hanging Lights - 100 Watt LED High Bay Light

For large tent illumination, LED technology for low power requirements, hung inside middle area of tent.

Each $200


Hanging Lights

Hanging Dover Bronze Chandelier with 9 60-watt bulbs $100 each
White Plastic Chandelier $80 each
Lunar Drop Light $40 each
White Arm to
Hang Lights
$40 each


LED Programmable PAR Lights

Each $80


Specialty Lighting

PAR 64 500 watt stage/spot lights (hung from tent poles) $75 each
Dual Lantern Lights for Pole & Hi-Peak Tents $80 per set of 2
Ceiling Fan with Lights for use in Frame Tents only $160 each
Halogen Work Lights $40 each


Emergency Lighting

Emergency/ Exit Lights $60 each
Hanging EXIT Sign $40 each
Standing EXIT Sign $40 each
Fire Extinguishers $15 each


Extension Cords

50' heavy guage white cord Request Quote
50' heavy guage white cord with multiple outlet Request Quote