Sound and Lighting

Customer responsible for power distribution. Have bigger audio/video needs? Contact us for suggested vendors.

Public Address Sound System

With AC/DC power and wireless microphone for crowds of up to 5,000.

Public Address System

Stand speakers with microphone. Adequate for 1000 person event.

Podium / Lectern Deluxe Model

With AC/DC power and wireless microphone.

Podium with Mic Unit

Portable self-contained speaker unit. Includes standard and wireless lapel clip mic.

Cherry Finish Podium

No sound system, mic stand attached if needed.

Perimeter Lighting

Installed on tent's interior perimeter.

  • LED Bistro lights 50' strings with 45 LED bulbs per string
  • 50' String of LED 60w Caged Bulbs w/ Heavy Duty White Cord
  • String lights. 7 Watt round bulbs every foot

Halogen Ring Lights

6- 75 watt halogen lights attached to each center pole; used to light larger pole tents.

Center Pole Lights

Call for information and pricing.

100 Watt LED High Bay Hanging Lights

For large tent illumination, LED technology for low power requirements, hung inside middle area of tent.

Hanging Lights

  • Hanging Dover Chandelier with 9 60-watt bulbs
  • White Plastic Chandelier
  • Lunar Drop Light
  • White Arm to Hang Lights

LED Programmable PAR Lights

Call for information and pricing.

Specialty Lighting

  • PAR 64 500 watt stage/spot lights (hung from tent poles)
  • Dual Lantern Lights for Pole & Hi-Peak Tents
  • Halogen Work Lights

Emergency Lighting

  • Emergency/Exit Lights
  • Fire Extinguishers

Extension Cords

  • 50' heavy gauge white cord
  • 50' heavy gauge white cord with multiple outlet

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